mClub One-on-One Executive & Leadership Coaching for individuals


One-on-One Leadership Coaching is a transformative process that hones individuals' abilities to lead, make impactful decisions, and drive teams towards success.


mClub 1:1 Executive Coaching for individuals


mClub’s Executive coaching is a personalized and professional development process designed to enhance the leadership skills and performance of executives or high-level professionals.

Cultivating Impactful Leaders


Business leaders who enrol in One-on-One Coaching sessions are carefully matched with a certified Leadership and/or Executive Coach who works closely with them to enhance leadership skills.


This personalized coaching approach is tailored to the goals and ambitions of the individual, helping them to achieve unparalleled success through refining their decision-making abilities, and giving them the tools they need to effectively guide their teams towards achieving organizational excellence.



1:1 Executive Coaching


mClub’s executive coaching program is tailored specifically to your needs and goals. After group coaching, 1:1 executive coaching is the next level in investing in yourself and your career, where qualified Executive Coaches work with you one-on-one to identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalised plan to help you achieve your full potential.


Goal Achievement

Better align your goals with strategic actions, translating aspirations into measurable achievements.

Adaptive Leadership

Learn to adapt your leadership styles to diverse situations, fostering agility and effectively leading through change.

Self Awareness

Executive coaching promotes self-reflection, leading to heightened self-awareness and a deeper understanding of personal strengths and areas for growth.

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Cultivate advanced leadership qualities, focusing on effective team leadership, clear communication and driving success.

Strategic Decision Making

Refine decision-making, navigate complex challenges, and seize opportunities confidently and with clarity.

Communication & Conflict Resolution

Sharpen communication skills to foster more productive collaborations, while developing adept conflict-resolution techniques, creating harmonious work environments and maintaining team cohesion.




mClub offers options that allow you to access the style of coaching you need and pay for the service the way you prefer. 


mClub Coaches are all certified and have years of experience coaching senior leaders and executive leadership in a number of public and private organisations.

mClub offers affordable coaching options and transparent pricing. There are a number of options to choose from and payments can be made on a monthly or quarterly basis. See below for a fully transparent pricing model. 

We suggest you start meeting your Coach on a monthly basis, but this can be adapted to meet your needs and schedule. Depending on challenge sets and deadlines, some of our Executives opt in for twice-a-month sessions with their Coach. Your package can be adjusted at any time and all sessions are held online.

The one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to identify areas for improvement, set specific objectives, and create action plans. During the online session, the coach assists you in developing essential leadership competencies such as communication, decision-making and strategic thinking. Coaches utilize various techniques, including assessments, reflective exercises, role-playing, and feedback sessions, to facilitate your growth and help you to achieve your career goals.

Our Coaches are pretty flexible when it comes to fitting in with your timetable and understand that working with senior leadership sometimes means last-minute situations arise that can cause you to postpone a coaching session. We advise that you contact your coach or a mClub representative at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your next session. This gives you and the Coach plenty of time to find a suitable date to reschedule. 

This is a question we get asked a lot and there is no straightforward answer. It often comes down to the reason why you hire a Coach in the first place. We recommend a minimum of six months to experience a real impact on your career and approach as a leader.

If you're interested, you can fill out the form below and we will contact you with a time to chat about options. If one of those options fits your needs, the next step would be setting you up on a complimentary chemistry call with one or more of our coaches. Once you decide on your coach, that's when we book your first online coaching session.


Steve Young

Certified Executive coach

Stephen Lock

Certified Executive Coach

Sue Marsh

Certified Executive Coach
Kaveh Mir Executive Coach mClub

Kaveh Mir

Certified Executive Coach

Claire Powell

Certified Executive Coach

Marita Price

Certified Executive Coach



Before registering, we recommend you speak to one of our Client Liaison Officers who will walk you through the benefits of coaching and help set you up a Chemistry call with a coach that meets your needs. They will also walk you through the pricing options outlined below to find the right plan for you.

One-on-One Coaching


One Session

Chemistry call with prospect coach

Opportunity to change coach when and if you would like to do so

1x 60 min session with coach 


One-on-One Coaching


Three Sessions

Chemistry call with prospect coach

Opportunity to change coach when and if you would like to do so

3x 60 min sessions with coach 


One-on-One Coaching


Six Sessions

Chemistry call with prospect coach

Opportunity to change coach when and if you would like to do so

6x 60 min sessions with coach 



If you have a question about mClub Executive and Leadership Coaching or would like to schedule a chat with one of our Coaches, please leave your details below and our team will contact you.


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